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Toyota: Let's Go Places. McDonalds: I'm Lovin' It! Red Bull: Gives You Wings. United Mileage Plus Explorer Card: Imagine Where It Will Take You. No matter the brand, Mike Brang has the fresh young voice to bring your message to the right audience. Lowe's started with Mike on a single in-store tip reel - with his help it grew to an entire outdoor campaign. McDonald's chose Mike for his ability to deliver a fresh, conversational tone. Starbucks found a voice that could appeal to a young audience. Verizon needed to raise employee awareness of an internal product, and found a voice they could trust in Mike. Brands this big have a lot of candidates to consider, and they chose Mike as their hero.

Companies like McDonalds, Toyota and Chase Bank have all thrown their lot in with Mike, and have come away happy. It’s all about giving you the sound you’re looking for - here are the voices they were on the hunt for




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To get the right sound, you need the right equipment. I've jammed my secret lair full of the good stuff:

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